Telephone Assistance & Lifeline Programs

Having trouble paying for phone or internet service? You may qualify for the Telephone Assistance Plan or for the federal Lifeline credit. Minnesota’s Telephone Assistance Plan (TAP) offers a monthly credit of $10.00 on your landline telephone service plan. You may receive the TAP credit on one landline per household.

The Federal Lifeline Program offers a monthly discount of $5.25 on some landline telephone service plans. Lifeline also offers discounts on some wireless telephone service plans and some broadband internet service plans. You may receive the Landline discount on one service per household. The definition of a “household” is anyone living at an address including children, relatives, people not related to you, etc. who share income(s) and household expenses.  Lifeline recipients will automatically be enrolled in the TAP program.

If applying for the TAP discount, mail the TAP application and documents to the address below. If applying for the Lifeline discount, mail the Lifeline applicationLifeline Household Worksheet and documents to the address listed below:

Crosslake Communications
35910 County Road 66
PO Box 70
Crosslake, MN 56442

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